Monday, 6 May 2013

Morning Fun (and a Craft, too!)

I was going to say good morning (since that is what it feels like to me, for some strange reason).  It is actually 5 PM and I need to get a move on if I want to have dinner ready for Husby when he walks in the door.  One nice thing about summertime is that it usually isn't very busy at his work and so he rarely needs to stay late.  Unfortunately for me, I have gotten used to him coming home later and have been having a hard time with supper. 
It is absolutely beautiful out today.  Hot and sunny with a breeze so you don't feel too warm.  T had an almost 3 hour nap this afternoon and I sat on my deck with a book for a large portion of it.  Total bliss!

I did some clean up, played with my little guy and made some broccolettes.  What are broccolettes, you ask?  Apparently, they are a tender relative of broccoli.  They had a big bag of them (organic!) on sale at H&W Produce last week so we picked them up!  Tasty!  Makes it easy to stay on the diet plan!  T ate them a little bit.  Finger foods are starting to be a little bit better.

Here is a quick craft that I whipped up yesterday.
Magnetic Pencil Holder
Cute, huh?

It is a pen/pencil holder that is magnetic so it sticks to the fridge.

I used a can (from the refried beans that I used to make the 7 layer dip I took to Saturday's fiesta), some scrapbooking paper I had kicking around and a little bit of leftover ribbon.  Also needed are a form of adhesive (I used my trusty glue gun) and some magnets (mine were 2 business card sized magnets, left over from the save the date magnets that I made for my wedding 3 years ago).

Now for some instructions:

1. Wash and dry empty can.  I chose a can that was relatively tall and narrow so as to not be too large and yet tall enough to hold pens, pencils and markers neatly.  I might move my scissors there, too!

2. Measure tin can and cut paper to appropriate size, making sure to line up the height of the paper with the can and leave a small amount of overlap for the width.  I used my handy Fiskars paper cutter thing.

3. Glue edge of paper and align.  Press down to set glue.  Apply glue to far edge and wrap around tightly and press down.

4. Measure and cut ribbon.  Glue ribbon down all the way along the top of the can.  I applied glue to the ribbon 2-3 inches at a time and then rubbed it down until it was all glued. Repeat for bottom ribbon.

5. Assemble bow.  Basically, this bow is one piece about 3" long with a second 1" piece.  I took the long piece and put a dab of glue in the centre.  I then folded one end into the glue and pressed.  I then put another dab of glue over top and repeated with the other side.  Then I place some glue on the back and wrapped the small piece around. 

6. Glue magnets to back of can covering up where the paper overlaps.  I made sure that my ribbon overlap was also in the same place as the paper overlap.

7. Lastly, I place my cup on the fridge and glued on the bow making sure it was centred.

Now I won't lose my pens and they're close to the grocery list!

I love crafts so hopefully as I work on things I can add them here!  When I was a kid, I called myself Crafty K (dorky, I know!)

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