Sunday, 5 May 2013

Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Cinco De Mayo, Everybody!
I have had a super busy handful of days here.  On Friday, I found a china hutch on Kijiji that I liked for cheap so Husby, T and I went all the way out to Morinville to pick it up yesterday.  Then we went to a Mexican fiesta party at a friends.  Today, we went to Mass and then out for lunch and to Lowe's to look at Cabinet reno ideas.  My plan is to redo the cabinets and this hutch at the same time.  I had wanted to get all of that done before T's party but that doesn't look likely at this point. We also bought a new ceiling fan for the kitchen.  We are very slowly accomplishing some of the things on my list.  Bobby did a whole pile of yard clean up today, which was awesome!

The weather the last couple of days has been amazing!  Plus 28!  Woot, woot!! Apparently, we more or less skipped spring this year and went from warm winter to full on summer!  We actually have our air conditioner running right now to make it cool enough to sleep.

Speaking of sleeping, Little Buddy isn't.  Arrgghhh!!  It seems like every time his sleep gets settled down, something changes and we're back to awful.  Right now, we are in this weird place between one and two naps.  If his first nap is good (2+ hours), then he doesn't have a second nap and will go to bed a little earlier and generally sleeps pretty well (1-2 wake ups).  If he has a second nap, then his bedtime is ridiculously late and he sleeps horribly, which means I am exhausted and both of us sleep in too late.  It's an ugly cycle. 

Well, I need to try to get some sleep! 
Good night!

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