Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fun With My Little Man!

The last couple of days, I  have been trying to get a good photo of my little guy to use on the invitation to his first birthday party.  I can't wrap my head around the fact that he will be ONE in less than a month!  It is totally crazy.  T is such a go-getter, he wasn't very happy about sitting still for me.  He kept crawling off, giggling. 
We have a ton of stuff going on in the next little bit, including getting ready for T's birthday.  We are going to try to do some renovations this summer in the hope of making our house more comfortable/ready to put on the market in case an opportunity arises.  Unfortunately, this little guy is like a tornado and needs to have a close eye kept on him at all times (plus, he's really fun to play with!).

Perhaps all the time I spend on Pinterest will be useful!  I swear, it's like mommy crack.  :)

On the list to complete before the birthday party:
-finish decorating T's room (I know, I know, he is almost a year old!! It needs to get done!)
-complete the reno's to the laundry room (we replaced the flooring and basically stalled out.  The electrical needs to be done, the new sink installed, the drywall/painting finished)
-new flower beds around the deck
-work on the front curb appeal/landscaping
-fix the deck and backyard
-get the garden ready (planting depending on the weather)

If we can get there:
-stain the kitchen cabinets
-repaint the front door and side door
-paint the basement (this is such a huge job!! I don't know if this will get done before July since I probably need my mom or someone to be available to look after T while I do the work)

Ok, I feel as if writing this down makes me a little bit more accountable to get some of this done.


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