Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Better Late Than Never

Hey friends,
I feel as if I have so much on the go always.  I have a bunch of different directions that I want to take this blog but I end up not going anywhere instead.  I have thought a lot about what I want to write about and have even drafted several different posts in my head but then they don't end up being written.  My goal for the next month (seems appropriate since we are at the start of May) is to write everyday.  For a whole month...   What have I gotten myself in for?

I think the important thing for me to remember here is that perfection is the enemy of good.  I know myself. If I miss a day, I will probably give up the whole thing and come back in another year to try again.  I used to skip university classes if I was going to be late.  But I think at this point in my life and for this project, better late than never.  Better something than nothing. 

I have had this black and white way of thinking for most of my life.  It has been one of my biggest challenges.  If I told my husband that I was a perfectionist, he would laugh since he rarely thinks that what I have accomplished is good enough (sounds harsh, but I think it's true).  However, I think it is more likely that I never really give it my all in an effort to avoid failing.  I didn't really try.  I don't care how it turns out...  That sounds pretty sad, now that I think on it.  Well, better late than never.

Back to writing everyday...

I think I need to get into a groove with this project.  I tend to get all excited about things and then lose steam, halfway through.  So, to start just write everyday.  It doesn't matter about what and hopefully, I will find my voice and my direction as I go.

Still Sparkling!

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