Thursday, 6 June 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Yesterday, I made some really delicious cookies.  I mean REALLY delicious.  Dangerously delicious.  ;)

I don't have a favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe from growing up.  My mom made them, I just don't really have any memories that resonate from them (unlike oatmeal cookies made from the recipe that my Grandma Audrey wrote out for my mom- now that, to me, is the taste of childhood).  Actually, the chocolate chip cookies that I ate most often as a child were the Safeway No-Name brand.  I think they came in a blue package and were dry, and yet somehow delicious in spite of their relative crappiness. However, I do enjoy a real chocolate chip cookie every now and then.

I love Pinterest and frequently stalk the Food and Drink section on my phone, pinning random delicious looking recipes for possible future use.  One of my New Year's Resolutions (which have more or less fallen by the wayside) was to attempt to use some of the things I was pinning.  And trying new recipes has been relatively successful.

Like yesterday's attempt!  Yay! I love when delicious treats turn out amazing! I got this recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction.  Here's the link to the recipe.  There are several awesome tips for getting a really soft, chewy, thick, delicious, amazing cookie.  Like all the hyberbole?? :)

These cookies tasted great the next day.  She says they will hold up for a week but we ate them too fast to tell.  All in all, a great recipe that I will definitely make again. 

How do I know these were good? Between my husband and I, we ate all 16 large cookies in a  day and a half.  And that was mostly me.  Yummy but bad for my diet.

Finished Product!
Of course, part of the fun was watching Mr T tear apart my tupperware cupboard while I was busy.
Cutie Pants! And Vest, LOL!
Love that little boy!  The Husby told his work pals that he had eaten enough cookies this week and apparently, they very casually asked if I was baking again soon.  I used to send treats in with him to work a lot but that has mostly stopped since I've been busy with T.  I guess I'll have to resume my wifely duties, lol.

Keep on Sparkling, friends!!


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